Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thar she blows!

Yesterday, Kate yet again obliged in letting me be a tourist for a day and drove around the park, stopping whenever the urge came upon us. We stopped at various pullouts to take photos of geysers, SNOW, and the occasional buffalo.

We visited Norris Geyser Basin, which contains some of the several hundred geysers and thermal features that make up the park. Photos never do justice, but at least they give you some glimpse of such magnificence.

This is a coyote we saw en route to Old Faithful. He was quickly behind another coyote that was crossing the road. We visited the Old Faithful Inn, a revered historic monument that is over 100 years old. People still stay at the Inn, but at a hefty price. It's completely made of wood and logs that stands over seven stories high...a pretty rare view of amazing craftmanship. Saw this cool sign (also made of wood) within the hotel.

View of the outside.And there she is! Old Faithful being her reliable constant self. The sound and height at which the water shot up was brilliant.A tourist was kind enough to take our picture in front of Old Faithful erupting. From left, that's Chelsea (certified geologist oh yeah), Kate, Hilary, and me. I was crouching, I swear. Old Faithful needed all the room and glory it could get.This photo is of Steamboat geyser. One of the park employees wondered why it wasn't even more famous than Old Faithful, as it shoots way higher and more spectacularly than the legend. However, it is not nearly as predictable as Old Faithful, and does not have major eruptions regularly. The last one shot over 115 feet in 2005.

The next string of photos are of various geysers within the Norris Geyser Basin.

This one is appropriately named "Pearl pool." Of course the glowing azure blue does not appear as brilliant as it did in real life.

It's snowing! I was ridiculously happy and probably acting rather silly.

Picturesque photo of a bison grazing in the snow.

Hilary making a snow angel.

Hilary, Kate, and Chelsea trying to catch snowflakes.

That's it for now! I hope 3 blog posts will satisy your appetite for now. Hopefully it won't be so long until the next update. Until then, update after I've rampaged on a lake trout killing spree!


likerenoir said...

I gotta hand it to you Emily, you have some really cool photos.

That photo of you girls with the lake in the background and the cloud reflections in the lake was awesome.
I'm pleased that you are getting to see lots of wildlife. You ought to keep track of how many different species you
see this summer (you know bear, elk, mule deer, wolf, indigenous homo sapiens as well as the "tourista homasapes", etc.).
You could really assemble quite a photo montage : )
Maybe even get some pictures of me and Boo-Boo.

Even though, I have posted it on the wrong blog update, thanks for providing words and photos of your fishery adventures.
The cutthroat trout is a pretty fish and I'll bet they show different colors in the water.

Keep blogging.

Later, gotta run, I think I hear Ranger Smith coming.


The King said...


" ..'ow's it goan' pard-nrrr ... out thar on that dang range ... where the deer and the antelope play?"

You've painted a broad picture, on a canvas, where the rugged landscape is dotted with razor sharp hues and every vivid color of the rainbow.

We're witness to a veritable cornucopia of wildlife, flowers, canyons and mountaintops and it's refreshing to note that I'm not the only old geezer in your life Emily!

From Old Faithful to Bear Tooth Mountain, you've taken us on a rugged journey, where the mountains fall away to Osprey Falls and Beaver Ponds and geysers a hundred foot high shoot from Mammoth Springs, where we're careful not to stumble over elk poop or bison dung, for fear of being too much at one with nature.

Next up I'm sure there's to be more bear scat, just like last year's Alaskan Adventure.

Never have I read so much about farting, dropping a load or identifying different species of excrement. You're like a walking encyclopaedia for the television program CSI!

Upon the next sighting and subsequent examination I'm sure you're going to be describing it's contents, the animal's dietary habits and what it's parked that morning after breakfast!

Which prompts me to comment that for a young lady, you don't half write a lot of shit, Emily!

But for all your lavatorial obsessions, you have brought the outdoors right into our living rooms, where through your eyes, ears and nose, we've been able to vicariously enjoy it's beauty.

You've given us a slice of the wild life, that we've come to delight in from National Geographic to the Discovery Channel.

Noah would have had a field day reading your blog, because there has been an amazing assortment of wildlife with bison and bears, black and white tailed deer, and their cousin the mule variety.

There have been big horn sheep and curious chipmunks, harlequin ducks, yellow bellied marmots and jack rabbits galore!

Adult and baby elk, a Western Tanager and a yellow headed blackbird and a ground squirrel or two.

You've crowned yourself with elk antlers and you've taken us on a trek along Cleopatra and Minerva Terrace and I've even spotted a few snow angels and a clutch of bar-flies!

It hasn't been all rest and relaxation though, because you've given us a glimpse of your work detail as you've caught and harvested the cutthroat fish, which look very much like speckled trout, although are smaller in size.

Fortunately the dingo hasn't ate no baby, but roaming coyotes are another creature to cross off in that panoply of life, that is now Emily's playground.

In concluding, I'd like to ask a question or two:

1. What is a pronghorn? - I'm assuming from the photographs that it's a form of deer?

2. What is Bison Jam? - I know you're into conservation Emily, but I hope it's not some sort of Preserve?

3. Re - Steamboat Geyser
Did you know that Steamboat Willie was Walt Disney's first adventure with Mickey Mouse?

and lastly:

4. I have no desire to learn What's in Specimen Creek?!

Emily ... Your journal is epic entertainment and we love hearing about your quest. Keep the stories and the photos coming.

In conclusion, in the immortal words of Peter Robinson ...

"Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana."

Love you,

Dad X

Eve said...

Oh, Emilyface,

Looks like you're off having another amazing adventure! Of course, you had me cracking up with the "poop" road or whateer it was, and hinting that you might have "let one". Here I am in Kaladi's, laughing it up. Oh boy...

Keep up the good work darlin!

semicolonlife said...

Forgive me! I meant to tell you so much sooner but...

Thanks for the postcard! Love moose, therefore it has a very predominant spot on my fridge. Roommate is jealous that I have such cool friends.

I hope things are still going great for you! Can't wait for the next update.